Personalised jewellery is created just for you,  Each piece is hand-made and can capture your loved ones fingerprints, hand/footprints, a pets paw print or anything else you’d like us to use.  The designs are purely for idea purposes and we can make any piece is any shape with any prints, just let us know what you’d like.

Enhanced Flower Fingerprint Earrings

Enhanced Diamond Fingerprint Earrings

Enhanced Heart Fingerprint Earrings

Enhanced Heart Fingerprint Charm

Enhanced Star Fingerprint Charm

Enhanced Oval Fingerprint Ring

Enhanced Circle Fingerprint Ring

Enhanced Heart Fingerprint Ring

Enhanced Fingerprint Bead

Table tennis Fingerprint Pendant

Enhanced Table Tennis Pendant

Enhanced Leaf Fingerprint Pendant

Enhanced Teardrop Fingerprint Pendant

Enhanced Feather Fingerprint Pendant

Enhanced Heart Fingerprint Pendant

Enhanced Long Hearted Fingerprint Pendant

Enhanced Circle Fingerprint Cufflinks

Enhanced Oval Fingerprint Cufflinks

Enhanced Squarel Fingerprint Cufflinks

Oval Handprint Keyring

Enhanced Oval Fingerprint Keyring

Double Sided Fingerprint St Christopher