A baby’s hand and footprints are so cute and so personal to a parent or grandparent.  Hand & Footprint Jewellery is a very special keep sake that will allow you to treasure those tiny prints forever.

Prints are taken with an inkles wipe kit.  The kit is mess free and easy to use and can be sent as a gift with a voucher enclosed.  Please get in touch if you’d like more information our gift card options. 

Circle Handprint & Footprint Keyring

Double Sided Hand & Footprint Charm

Oval Footprint Bracelet Charm

Heart Handprint Bracelet Charm

Premium Footprint Bracelet Charm

Handprint Teardrop Pendant

Long Hearted Footprint Pendant

Long Hearted Handprint Pendant

Premium Oval Footprint Pendant

Premium Heart Hand & Footprint Pendant

Oval Hand & Footprint Cufflinks

Circular Hand & Footprint Cufflinks

Square Hand & Footprint Cufflinks

Tag Hand & Footprint Pendant

Premium Heart Handprint Pendant

Premium Long Hearted Footprint Pendant

Premium Long Hearted Handprint Pendant

Double Heart Hand & Name Heart Pendant

Double Heart Footprint & Name Pendant

Double Sided Teardrop Pendant