Taking Prints – Impression Kits

Most of our jewellery items will require you to use Impression Kits.  To understand more about the Impression Kits available and when they would be needed please read through the information below.

How to take a hand or footprint


To take a Hand or Footprint you’ll need an Inkless Wipe Impression Kit, please watch our video for full details of how to use the kit.  If you already have a print that you’d like us to use please email it to info@preciouspieces.co.uk.

Classic Fingerprint Jewellery

Classic Fingerprint Jewellery

Heart Fingerprint Jewellery

Our Classic Fingerprint Jewellery is designed so the fingerprint is pushed directly into the silver.   You can visit our studio near Market Bosworth and we’ll take the prints for you or you can order Fingerprint Impression Kits online.  If you need to order online follow the steps below:

  • Order a Fingerprint Impression Kit.
  • We'll send it to you on the same day.
  • Follow the simple instructions and take two fingerprints per person.
  • Return the prints to Precious Pieces and we'll choose the best print for your jewellery.

Enhanced Fingerprint Jewellery

Enhanced Fingerprint Jewellery

personalised jewellery | fingerprint jewellery ring

Enhanced jewellery stands out from the piece and is a modern twist on fingerprint jewellery. 

Our enhanced jewellery is available in rings, bracelet charms, keyrings, pendants and cufflinks.

You don’t need impression kits to take the prints, simply follow the directions below:

  • With a pencil & clean white piece of paper, make a square approx. 5cm x 5cm).
  • Rub your fingerprint into the lead.  When its covered, dust off any loose flakes.
  • Take a piece of sellotape, place it over the fingerprint, peal off stick onto the piece of white paper.
  • Repeat several times and then send it through the post and we'll choose your best print. 

Animal Pawprint Jewellery

Animal Pawprint Jewellery

Pawprint Bracelet Charm

Paw prints can be used to create personalised rings,  pendants, bracelet charms, cufflinks or keyrings.

Prints are taken using Inkless Wipe Kits.  We suggest  clipping  long fur before taking the prints to avoid smudges (but don’t worry if there are a few, we can remove those).

  • Order an Inkless Wipe Kit on any of our product pages.
  • Follow the simple and clear instructions and take as many prints as you can on the paper provided.
  • Take a photo or scan the prints and send them to info@preciouspieces.co.uk.
  • We'll choose the best print and create your jewellery.

If you need more information please call us on 01827 215722 or email info@preciouspieces.co.uk.