Fathers Day Gift Idea’s

It’s hard to find good Fathers Day Gift Idea’s so we thought we’d try and help!

We all LOVE that special man in our lives,  whether its the dad that bought you up and taught you right from wrong, your step dad who was always there for you or your partner who’s proving to be an amazing role model to your little ones.

We’ve asked the men in our lives for some gift ideas and we hope that these suggestions and links help (please be assured that none of the companies below are aware that we’ve recommended them)!

FATHERS DAY GIFT IDEA’S- Childrens 6yrs and under – 

For this age range we mainly suggest our own products (sorry but it has to be done).  For babies under 18months we make jewellery and gifts using childrens hand and footprints and for children over 18months we can also use their fingerprints.  The most popular gifts are –

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FATHERS DAYS GIFT IDEA’S – Children 7yr to 13 yr – 

As your child approaches their teen years,   they may clash (just occassionaly) with their daddy dearest, but deep down all children just want to spend quality time with their fathers and thats why we’ve come up with the following suggestions –

  • Football or  Rugby match tickets!   It may be coming to the end of the football season but you’ll be suprised how soon August comes around.  If your dad loves football, this is a great idea.

  • Cricket tickets?  Ban ipads and spend the day together in the sunshine! What better way to help them bond?

  • Go Karting!  The perfect chance for both boys and girls to show their dad how it’s done. There are lots of Go Karting tracks around the country and we think dad will enjoy being a big kid again.

  • Matching fingerprint jewellery – We’ve seen a large rise in girls and boys aged 10yrs olds + requesting chains and pendants of their loved ones fingerprints.  For a truly special and personal  present why not order dad a Tag Pendant with the kids fingerprints on and have one made for the children with dads fingerprint on too?

  • Fingerprint Keys – Our fingerprint key rings can hold as many fingerprint charms as you need and each can be engraved on the reverse with your childs name (this is also a great gift for grandfathers)

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FATHERS DAY GIFT IDEA’S – Children 14ys +

If you’ve reached teenage years or adulthood you’ve probably had quite a few fun experiences with your dad and know him VERY well but you’ve also brought most presents possible over the years and socks and whisky/gin may be a bit too predictable.  There’s a few from the list above that may be relevant, such as the football, rugby or cricket tickets but what else could you get him to show you care?

  • Did your dad play in a band when he was younger or for a team that he loved?  You might be able to find an old poster or group photo online that you could have printed and framed and we’re sure he’d love it.

  • How about a West End show?  A day out in London to see something live and then a meal in a nice restuarant would be just the ticket!

  • A Fingerprint Keyring with all of your  siblings fingerprints (including the grandchildrens fingerprints) would be a great perosnal gift that he could keep it with him every day!

  • If your dad attends meetings or enjoys being suited and booted, our Raised Fingerprint Cufflinks look modern and striking.  Although they’re personal and  fingerprint jewellery, only those you tell will know,  so they’re a much more mature and subtle gift.  If you’d like 3, 5 or 7 cufflinks (if you have a big family) contact us in advance and we’ll work out a discounted price for you.

  • The last thing we’d recommend is a golfing gift!  If you’d like a personalised Golf Marker please get in tough and we’ll discuss design idea’s.  Otherwise you could arrange a golf morning, driving range evening or a few golf leasson for the man in your life!

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We hope we’ve helped you with  a few good Father Day gift idea’s for 2017!   Whatever you buy and what ever you do we’re sure your dad with appreictae it…Oh one last thought…is your dad a gardener? A new wheel barrow or some new gardening tools might be just what he needs!