Hand/footpint Jewellery

Our Hand and Footprint Jewellery range has been created with a modern and stylish twist.  We want to offer you the choice to add your own touch to each piece, so you can accessories with stones and gems and if you don’t see the exact design that you’re looking for please CONTACT US  to discuss what you’d like to order.

Each product page shows you how to take the prints for Hand and Footprint jewellery.  If you already have a print that you’d like us to use, please email it to info@preciouspieces.co.uk . We’ll confirm if the print is clear enough for us to use before you place your order.

Hand and Footprint Jewellery can be created using the prints of children and adults alike.  From a newborn baby to a grandparent, we can help you find your ideal gift.  Simply browse through the choices below and select the pieces that you’d like to order.  We’ll send you your impression kit with full instructions and when you’ve taken the prints you can return them via email, text, whatsapp or post.

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